Wifi Kill FULL APK Free Download


-wifikill Application with your Wi-Fi network to get your control, and increase your attack speed internet by those who connect to your network over IP.
 Collect the -bonding the device's MAC address!
-wifikill Application needs to use the root access permissions!

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

3.3 Out Of 5.0

Jean Barrios
People. I have used this app before, and i'm about to install it again, to confirm if it takes ya' to a web page ad or some fuzz. Stay alert for edits. Edit: It does take you to a web page ad. IT'S STRANGE how this app did it's work before, but now it's this freaking ad thing. Maybe it was hacked?

Rich OBrien  Novembe
Full of ads & it's a VIRUS (DON'T INSTALL) Opened app, within seconds I was in the Play Store being shown a game to buy. If the whole app is like this, BIG FAIL! It is, opening the app brings you to a sandbox browser that links to a Google Drive to download the Pro version, which has been classified a virus by Google & Malwarebytes.

faza hanif suwanda
SIKE, THATS THE WRONG NUMBER!!! there is nothing on the screen. only adds pop up. my phone is rooted. its just this s#!ty app not working. maybe its fake or virus. i would like to say : NetCut is better.

Anthony Acuña  
Play Store has to weed out stupid apps such as this. Fake app. Go download it and please down vote it. If there's a way to give this zero, star I would.

Leopoldo Taylor
Fuc%%ng waste of time Don't waste your time on downloading this. It takes you to an alternative page, where is full of crap ads

Romany Alice
Lol troll? Don't waste your time, you're still going to try but at least give it one star and a bad review lol

Aman Rajput
Worst app on Android Plzz don't download it.Its totally worthless.. Fake,Useless.. Don't even deserve 1 star

Harry Bundi
Worst app. Can't do anything with it. Useless ads that appear. Cancel an ad another appears. In your next update please try and reduce or slash out all the ads. I have just downloaded the app but done nothing using it.

Juan Bensadon
Pure ads, literally no functionality I don't know if this is due to the dev updating the app to turn it into a cash cow, but it doesn't work and just keeps opening ads
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