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★ Special Perks for Everyone★
After installing the game and reaching level 2, you will receive: 5-Star Selfina Hero + 100 Rubies + 50,000 Gold

★★★ Chaos Chronicle ★★★

■ Strategic Gameplay
- Assemble a party of unique warriors to fight for your House
- Deal double damage with a Perfect Cancel
- Command your heroes in dynamic tactical combat

■ Various Battle Modes
- Adventure Mode: Lead your heroes on an epic campaign for Gorde Jyle’s Chest
- PvP: Bring honor to your House by challenging other players in brutal PvP battles
- Raids: Join forces with your allies to defeat mighty raid bosses
- Manatech Tower: Climb to the top of the tower and claim the hidden treasure
- Daily Dungeons: Explore the dungeons of hell with a new party each day
- Gloran Palace Coliseum: 13 heroes, each representing their House, battle for glory
- Guild Battle : Claim territory for your guild through intense 30 vs 30 PvP battles

■ Gear Up, Rank Up, Power Up
- Reinforce your heroes based on their unique battle styles through Zodiac System
- Collect hundreds of unique heroes and legendary items
- Develop your prowess through leveling, trading, and strengthening your heroes and items
- Attain heroes again to enhance skills and open accessory slots
- Create and join guilds with your friends

■ A Tale of Twelve Heroes
- Immerse yourself in a riveting storyline
- Battle alongside heroes from all corners of the world

Become the ultimate hero and save the world of Chaos Chronicle!

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.5 Out Of 5.0

Taylor Garcia
Completely Shocked! Can't believe I have been playing this game off and on for a year and still enjoy It every session! The fact that u don't have to pay money to have fun, but the option is there. Did i mention how generous they are with the currency during holidays and events it's a great win win situation. The story between maps is short and sweet gives you just enough to follow so you feel like your progressing through your adventure wile not having to much to take from you playing now and then

Matthew Hadfield
Chaos Chronicles Love this game, you don't need to put money into it to be successful, and those that do use money have no direct impact on your game, game has interesting side missions as well as daily, weekly and achievement rewards, try it out if your sick and tired of playing games where you need to put money into it to be successful then this is the game.

Bayu Kusumawardhana
So fun Pretty good inpression and the gacha rates were pretty good. Still don't like that regular monster were included in the pools. One of my concern is the amount of push reward given to me without me knowing from what even they came from. i hope you can at least write from what even they came from in the inbox. dont just write its a push reward.

Acelin Berthelot
Too long to get into the game for what it is. Annoying spam always asking for extra permissions. Does not update automatically, only saying an update is needed after the long wait to get in making it even longer.
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