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Zombie Trigger is an action-packed FPS bringing you a completely new zombie-shooting experience. Mankind is on the verge of extinction and you are the only one who can stop it. Will you fight?

In 2025, mysterious reports of Zombie attacks on Humans surge in all parts of the World. Within weeks, the whole world is overrun by Zombies, bringing the Human Race to the verge of extinction. You are a Zombie Hunter putting himself between the remaining Humans and the face of Evil. Can you stop the advancing hordes and prevent chaos from taking over the planet?

Check out Zombie Trigger for:
1.Fast-paced intuitive shooting experience paired with tactical decisions.
2.Immersive 3D experience and an exciting apocalyptic plot.
3.More than 30 different kinds of Zombies with unique attacks and strategies.
4.Huge choice of weapons with complex upgrade mechanism
5.Brand new online matching system for Co-op and Versus.
6.Several battle modes to keep you busy: Daily Challenges, Campaign, Multiplayer and more!
7.Weapon and Equipment Upgrades and even Mercenaries to help you win your war.

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

3.6 Out Of 5.0

Really it has lot trouble, with bug, lack, and etc, better the old vers. The Gameplay is Great, the stages is awesome, the multiplayer is good, the graphics is magnificent, but..... The lack of the online bug and error is like sh*t Please fix the problem, and this game will be "Bad"

Jin Park
Its broken I kept it on to provide a shooter style game for kids etc. But since the update is been broken. Once you sign in, it does that tutorial thing where it forces you to play a campaign mode game. But no matter many times you finish it you can't get out of it.

James Foley
Lost account...now guns payed back Lost my account. Was very high level had more than 6 guns and they only offered 800. diamonds...what a joke that doesnt even buy 1 new gun. Now please game makers have returned guns lost etc. Thanks

kyky narayan
Good but sucks these days Dear team, I really like this game due to I lobe the
 ..... .... ..... .....

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