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It’s a DRAGON-eat-HUMAN world!

Wage epic war against land usurpers and those who have built fortresses in place of your domain. Fly a fire breathing creature from the Medieval Age (remember, that time when chivalry existed?). In this game, myth and fantasy is a reality. Feel the terror and menace of being a dragon! Using a bird’s eye view, aim at your target from above with fire balls. Fly from your rocky nest and sow the path of destruction! Attack the fortress, guarded by highly trained archers shooting fiery arrows. Fight other mythical monsters who’ve joined hands with your enemies and claim back what's yours. Unleash counter dragons for epic battles. Kill dragon slayers, knights, and all kind of creatures and farm animals!

Warrior Dragon 3D Features:

•Monstrous 3D Animated Dragons for you to control and fly.
•High Quality 3D Medieval Scenery
•Smooth controls And Amazing Visual Effects
•Epic Battles With Elite Archers, Cyclops And Other Mythical Creatures.
•Realistic Fire Breathing Action.
•Life Like animations.
•Fight Against Invading Knights, Dragon Slayers, and Monsters. 

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.0 Out Of 5.0

 Brittnay Garrett
Basic The controls are difficult, not only that but you cannot fly and shoot at the same time. Not worth the time struggling to figure out a way to play. Oh and not to mention how heavily laden the ads are

Reginald Saxton
Ad Junkie It is appaent hat this game was made jusnt to generate money rather than be a form of entertainment. The gameplay is basic at best, up and down flight maneuvers and no side-to-side movement, can only fire straight ahead. Often times is not able to fire at all with multiple taps on the screen. I can't say that it does have great graphics but this is a really super boring game. Also I win money after each level but there is no option to upgrade to a better dragon.

grev Smith
The controls are awful The controls are completely unsuited to a flight simulator. You can't look anywhere but directly ahead, targeting is a pain, and the controls are sluggish. Also, the music is 

Righteous Indignation
The dragons Are the best part of this game. The music, at this point in development, should be left off. EDIT: I'm sure they'll come up with MUCH better music in the near future😉
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