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War Z 2 is the challenge of courage and power in the world of crisis.
Nuclear war has turned the world into a wasteland and zombies swept the area where you were. Family and friend were killed. Can't connect anyone under completed news blackout.
You must grasp the survival skills used to have, with determination, use all resources in the broken world to live. Together with people you met, get back to the normal world.
living, revenging and killing them are your only goals now. Don't let hatred blind your eyes, in the shadow behind zombies, many eyes staring at you......

☆ Kill zombies by your hands;
☆ Manufacturing weapons, against zombies and attack from other survivors effectively;
☆ Rise architectural level. Building will be more powerful;
☆ Search buildings in the wild map to collect or steal a variety of resources;
☆ Join the alliance, you can exchange and cooperate with other players, to help each other easier to survive;
☆ Games with real time, players can communicate with different alliance members over the world;
☆ Training several commanders for different situations.
☆ FREE social strategy games;

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.5 Out Of 5.0

andrew burrows
Usually doesnt reply in 1 day!(as stated) Game is kinda fun but really glitchy & grafix are lame(these screenshots are bs) also cant move app to other devices or get any help at all from support wich is non-exsistant & really sux! & dont buy anything in game with real $ or you will get ripped off (just fyi)

Ehab Alasadi
Stolen Its like all zombie games you have to build not adventure it sucks

Foxy the pirate fox
Must play Very good need to download

Dan Wieghmink
Addictive Great start
..... .... ..... .....

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