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See what’s happening in the world right now. From breaking news and entertainment, sports and politics, to big events and everyday interests. If it’s happening anywhere, it’s happening on Twitter. Get the full story as it unfolds, with all the live commentary.

Be part of what everyone is talking about and get videos, live footage and Moments, direct from the source.

Join in on all the action by sharing what’s happening in your world. On Twitter you can post photos with GIFs, videos, and even stream live video with the Periscope button. There is no better way to have your voice heard

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.2 Out Of 5.0

Great app... any chance for a bitmoji plugin a la snapchat? Thanks! Twitter is great. But I do wish it would stop trying to be like fb. Favorite feature is the character limit of 140... also, with all the updates, I'm going to run out of space on my phone. This is not exclusive to twitter though

Ramon jr N Guela
Good, but I hope you guys the developers make it better. I wish you guys update Twitter and make the messaging system more good and modern just like messenger. Because i don't use messenger. Only Twitter. But the messaging system is kind of outdated. No seen sign, i hate that. I will make it 5 Stars if you guys update this. Thank you very much. Facebook and messenger is sick. MB is highly unlikely so BIG

Donnelly James
The new notifications prefix takes up too much space I open my notifications center to see the new prefix is taking up too much space and I can see even less of tweets notifications now. I don't need the prefix "From 'twitter account' " before every tweet. I already knew who it was from before. Please undo this or let me undo it. How about you replace the text "New Tweet" with the Twitter account name. Some of these account names can get very long.

Manny C
Endless unwanted push notifications No matter what my mobile notification settings are in the app, I get "highlights" and updates on random tweets that businesses I follow like pushed to my notifications multiple times a day. All things I don't care about and specifically disabled from being sent to me, but the app ignores this and sends them to me anyway. Uninstalled this app, and unfortunately by default, use Twitter less.
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