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Tumblr is a place to discover and post about stuff you love, and join communities of people who love that same stuff. It’s pretty neat.

Q: What can I post on Tumblr?
A: Photos, videos, live videos, songs, text—pretty much anything.

Q: Can I make GIFs?
A: Yes, you CAN make GIFs! You can make them out of videos, bursts, live photos, or just shoot them on the spot.

Q: What’s the deal with “reblogging”?
A: It’s a way to take the stuff you find on Tumblr and make it your own. You can repost other people’s posts to your own blog. You can add commentary if you like. Other people can do the same with your posts. That’s how ideas spread on Tumblr, and it’s how communities form around them.

Q: Who’s on Tumblr?
A: People who are posting and reblogging about interesting stuff that you’re interested in. Politics. Movies. Memes and such. If you’ve ever seen anything interesting on the internet, chances are it came from Tumblr.

Q: How do I talk to people on Tumblr?
A: A few different ways. You can comment on a post, or you can reblog a post to your own Tumblr and add commentary, or you can send a private message. Whatever suits the occasion.

Q: How do I find stuff to follow?
A: Search for whatever you’re interested in. We’ll show you great posts about that stuff, and get you following the people who make those posts. Oh, you can also follow a search itself, and we’ll put sift the best material from that search right into your dashboard.

Q: What kind of stuff are people talking about on Tumblr right now?
A: Whatever’s happening in the world. The real world, the world of fiction, the world of pop culture, the world of academics, the world of safety and justice, the world of sports. Whatever world you live in, you’ll find it among all the trending topics in the search tab.

Q: Do all Tumblrs look the same?
A: No! You can totally customize your Tumblr’s appearance, right down to the colors and fonts you use.

Q: How will people find my Tumblr?
A: Tag your posts. Tumblr is full of passionate communities of people who are constantly searching through tags for new posts about stuff they love. Your stuff could be that stuff.

Q: Am I ready to download Tumblr, deepen my perspective, and forever change the way I think?
A: Yes.

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.4 Out Of 5.0

Love this app! Tumblr is by far one of my favorite social medias. It opens a window to communicate easier with YouTubers that are difficult to reach on other social media because of spam, and it is a very warm and welcoming community. Only complaint is the very lax restrictions that allow for a lot of gross/innapropriate content to be posted and not be reportable.

Cant open my blog Every time I install the app and log in, the app doesnt connect to my blog. It just shows the loading sign and never shows me my dashboard, blog, messages. Been having this issue since I updated my Andriod! Wtf is going on?! My internet is fine as I can open other apps just fine..it's only tumblr which has been giving me issues for weeks!

Gregory Opera
Looks great and works well, but needs removable storage support. Just like the Web site, this application looks fantastic and seems to work well... Sometimes it can be a little slow with loading images and animations (".gif"), particularly one's blog stream consists mostly of images and animations - though recent updates and design changes have meant this is less of an issue these days. Another notable issue is the inability to move this application to removable storage (such as Micro SDXC memory cards) - for this issue, a star is lost...

Christopher Jackson
Good idea, poor execution. I love tumblr for what it is. But the app isn't that great. My only complaint is that it's slow, but it is so so so slow. If it were as fast as any other social media It would definitely deserve 5 stars but as it is now giving 3 is generous, and I only give 3 because it really is a fantastic social media service.
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