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This is a 3D real-time strategic tank battle game. Dozens of tanks at your disposal. Use strategies such as dodging, running, aiming and shooting to defeat your enemies. Become the greatest hero.

- Equip your tank with super weapons
- Special weapons: laser, machine guns, homing missiles, guided nuclear bombs
- About 10 tanks awaiting battle
- Individual development, get experience, change at your will
- Change your tank or spray paint
- Real 3D effects, tank models and battle map
- Ranked battles with money awards
- Dozens of elite pilots awaiting your call
- Select the most pilot for your tank
- You can destroy architecture or smash them
- Multiple battle modes open all day
- A worldwide real-time tank game

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.2 Out Of 5.0

Lewis Perry
Major Issues 1. Way too long for upgrades. 2. Tanks too expensive. 3. Tanks like the Spider should be awarded as prizes, not for a chance to buy it. 4. Will rate higher when issues resolved. 5. Fuel too expensive. 6. Too long to refuel. 7. Don't play this game unless you plan on spending a lot of money!

Cliff Miller
Lambored This is a great game, tons of fun. Best part is it's designed for short times battles. And you can only do so many battles before you have to take some down time. Makes the game a great pass time.

William Westrope
Fun game. Iron Force was a bummer. Tank strike has fewer computing issues. The game is still made so that players who spend money do better but that can be expected. Updated game has made it easier to upgrade without purchase.

david bowen
TANK STRIKE The best tanking game period. Far exceeds iron force and all its bugs. Come join our legion brother # 1663 is our ID. ONEUSA American flags only!
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