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Introducing Breach Report and Identity Protection, our newest security services to help protect your personal information and restore your identity if it's ever stolen. Watch the video to learn more: http://bit.ly/2fhWLU3

Breach Report
- Receive timely alerts whenever a company, app or service you use suffers a data breach that could impact your security, privacy and financial resources

Identity Theft Protection
- Lookout safeguards your personal and financial information as well as your online reputation to detect and protect against identity theft faster

Identity Restoration & Insurance
- Let Lookout help take care of the headache and hassle of restoring your identity if it’s ever stolen with 24/7 access to ID Restoration Experts and $1M Identity Theft Insurance**

Lookout is now the only all-in-one app that protects your device, your data and your identity with powerful mobile security and identity theft protection

Lookout Basic:
• App Scanning: Continuous, over-the-air protection from viruses, malware, adware and spyware
• Locate & Scream: Map the location of your device and make it sound an alarm - even when it is on silent!
• Signal Flare: Automatically save your device’s location when the battery is low
Contacts Backup: Save a copy of your contacts and download them anytime

Lookout Premium:
Lookout Premium includes all the functionality of Lookout Basic, plus additional security to protect your device, your data and your privacy.

►NEW! - Breach Report: Get timely alerts whenever a company, app or service you use suffers a data breach along with clear and straightforward advice on how best to remediate the situation
►Theft Alerts: Get an email with a photo and location whenever suspicious behavior is detected that could mean it has been stolen
►Safe Browsing: Scan every URL link you visit or click on to help detect threats and alert you of sites that can infect your device and steal your personal information
►Privacy Advisor: See what personal information can be accessed by your apps
►Lock & Wipe: Remotely lock your device, post a custom message and erase your data
►Photo & Call History Backup: Automatically back up your photos and call history and access them anytime at Lookout.com

NEW! - Lookout Premium Plus*:
Lookout Premium Plus comes with all of the Premium functionality, plus identity theft protection.

► Cyber Watch: Monitor your personal and financial information and get alerted whenever anything is found exposed online
► SSN Watch: Get a history of names, addresses, and other records associated with your SSN and proactive notifications of changes that could signal fraudulent account activity and theft
► Social Media Watch: Monitor your social media accounts to check if your personal information is at risk. Protect your online reputation by receiving alerts if you’ve been tagged in posts with offensive content

► 24/7 Restoration Assistance: In the event of identity theft, certified ID Restoration Experts are available 24/7 to assist with the time-consuming process of recovering and restoring your identity
►$1M Identity Theft Insurance: Premium Plus subscribers are backed by Identity Theft Insurance that covers up to $1M in damages and legal fees with $0 deductible**
► Lost Wallet Recovery: If your wallet is lost or stolen, restoration experts will work quickly with you to contact document issuers to cancel and reorder credit cards and identification contents

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.4 Out Of 5.0

Katurah Smith
Safe Browsing prevents me from looking at any and all Web sites on Google Chrome browser. I had to turn it off to be able to use my web browser on my Galaxy S7. UPDATE DATED 1/6/17: Thank you for the reply from Lookout. I decided to turn safe browsing back on to see if there is still an issue before sending an email to the developer. Interestingly, safe browsing is working fine now. Not sure what the issue was before or if I still need to inquire about it to the developer. I believe the app has updated twice since my issue so maybe the app updates fixed my issue. Anyway, thanks for the help.

5 Stars! Easy to use, does a thorough job! It's great that it covers a wide range of safety features and stays up to date with all the latest scams. It even gives a breach report and a lot of other useful info. It'd be nice if they had an auto scan option though. :-) Very happy and comfortable with this app!

Jeanette Dobrunz
Ive used Lookout for years and then I got a virus on my LG Volt. Obviously lookout didn't do their job because the virus ruined my mobile phone. It gets stuck on a boot loop and won't even go to the home screen. Thanks Lookout!

Shawn Chappell
TRYING to keep track of phone if miss placed Can't remember exactly but I am tired of trying to figure what exactly I've got to do to locate if lost or stolen. If the phone automatically has a GPS locator built-in it or download an app!!? What other device do I need??😃
..... .... ..... .....

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