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■ A variety of exciting features for each floor of your tavern
- Enhance the different floors in your tavern to build the greatest tavern around!
- Enhance and watch your tavern's growth!
- There's no time to waste! Make money by cleaning up garbage!

■ Bakery System
- Who needs enhancement stones when you can eat cake to grow strong?
- Bake cake at the bakery and feed to your heroes! They'll become stronger than ever!

■ Forget the boring old skill enhancement systems. It's time to fuse your skills together!
- Fuse heroes of the same kind to enhance skills!

■ Potion Crafting System
- Are you still wasting your money buying potions? Now you can craft them yourself!
- All our doping potions are approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency!

■ A good night's sleep is all your heroes need to become stronger.
- Taverns aren't complete without beds! Put your heroes to sleep, and they'll wake up stronger.

■ So fun! So exciting! Play the Story mode, more engaging than a comic book!
- Go to your tavern and try Story mode. You won't be able to stop!
- Tip: Clear Story mode at the tavern and you'll be showered in rewards!

■ Want to become stronger, and look more and more awesome at the same time? Then try transcendence!
- For each transcendence level, you'll get a new skill, a new style, and a higher max level!
- All you need is a max-level Hero!

■ Tired of just watching the battle? Well, then join in!
- Your finger is your best weapon—tap the screen to attack your enemies!
- Tap formidable monsters for additional damage!

■ What do you think you'll catch today?
- Am I talking about fishing? No, I'm talking about sending your heroes out to collect all kinds of materials!
- While exploring, you may stumble upon special dungeons, too!

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

3.9 Out Of 5.0

 Melissa Sprinkle
I absolutely love this game! The only thing I really would change would be if the heroes could level up or get stronger faster, but still a great story line and fun

Nothing happens After how many times of reinstalling it, still nothing happened, just staring at a Black screen for hours .

Dhika Pratama
Force close to menu When playing about 2-3 stage.. then puff.. got back on menu.. using samsung core 2 (SM-G355H)

Momo Chan
nicee cute char, nice story.. good gameplay!
..... .... ..... .....

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