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Become a mighty emperor of the four kingdoms in this award-winning medieval MMO strategy game!

Prove your skills in a game that combines tactical PvP combat with strategic empire building and resource management.

Collect, produce and trade resources to build up your castle and expand it into a mighty fortress! Recruit a powerful army to conquer valuable territory and defend it against enemy attacks. Form alliances with friends to defeat your opponents and fight epic battles against millions of players on a giant interactive world map.

♚ Build and customize your very own medieval castle
♚ Forge powerful alliances and crush your enemies in epic PvP combat
♚ Plan strategic battles with over 50 different units and tons of weapons
♚ Produce and trade resources to construct more than 60 different buildings
♚ Chat and strategize with friends in a huge community with an active online forum

This medieval strategy game will transport you back to an age when power was everything and only the strongest survived. Prove that you've got what it takes to be the mightiest and most glorious lord in all the land!

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.2 Out Of 5.0

Pamela Mclean
Love it Its a great game and keeps you interested. Its very addictive and hard to put down. The alliances that are formed make it more fun and easy to learn and build. The attacks are fun and make it interesting as well. I'm addicted.

(G)old Obwohl das Spiel etwa 7 Jahre alt ist, ist es immer noch modern. Was mich allerdings stört, sind der Pay2Win-Faktor, der nicht gegeben sondern übertrieben ist und dadurch etwas den Reiz nimmt. Zum anderen die Ladezeiten. Es lädt etwa 2 Minuten, um dann um nach 5 Minuten abzustürzen, angeblich wegen Internet, obwohl dies perfekt läuft. Bitte fixen! Außerdem nervt, dass man immer 20 Sekunden warten muss, um zwischen Burgen, Außenposten und Weltkartr zu wechseln. Jedoch ein gutes und empfehlendswertes Spiel!

Brandon Walljee
Seriously Disappointed GG please Help ! This bug has completely prevented me from logging on to profile even on different mobile devices using the same Facebook acc .. I've emailed support service and followed all the steps I given . i reset phone to factory settings , updated the game I have plenty space and still the game don't work.. I've invested 2 years of everyday play . besides the investment of cash put in . I've received emails from Adam who was a great help with 5 star service but I'm still waiting to hear how I'm going to be helped :(

Jim Hudson
thanks so much for this game thank so much for this awesome game plz make a empire 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10
..... .... ..... .....

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