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Fend off dangers of the wild, battle ancient armies and create alliances in your mission to conquer the world. As village chief, you are to build a prosperous settlement while defending your people from prehistoric dangers. This will be no easy task for other clans occupy this world; clans whose intentions might not be so pure. Set in a time long before modern civilization caveman operated on one basic law, conquer or be conquered. Which will you be? Start your settlement today to find out.

Age of Cavemen is a free-to-play multiplayer strategy game where the main goal of the player
is to face the dangers of wild, prehistoric world as a village chief. Build the prosperous settlement,
lead your army, create alliances and destroy your opponents!

Network connection is required to play this game.

● Build a strong and prosperous village
● Survive attacks of the enemies
● Train a huge army
● Lead the warriors to victory in battle
● Explore the prehistoric world with other Chieftains and conquer the world

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.3 Out Of 5.0

Dawie Fourie
Hi thank for reply i delete all my stuff on phone got 1.8gb free game still don't work..getting my s4 back.. this is a temp phone wil change my rating if it work on my s4

Shahinur Islam Parvez
May be Good Not Bad, Not Good. So I Give You 3 Star. Need More Improvment. Ok!

Gokula Krishnan
Game is not Smooth even in High end devices, that's why I gave one star.

Love it Other than the other games, that rip of clash of clans and boom beach this one is unique in a way. Love
..... .... ..... .....


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