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Viber is a free messenger that keeps you connected to anyone in the world through your Internet connection (Wi-Fi or your data plan*). Send a text message to friends and family with Viber messenger. Express yourself with cool stickers and emoji icons and share photos and videos. The free messenger also lets you make phone calls for free - whether you want to make a quick voice call or see your friends with live video chat!
Connect with friends and family using instant messaging, voice calls or live video chats
Choose a contact from your phone book or simply enter a phone number to add a new contact on Viber. You can send a text message, but Viber offers so much more than just free messages! Share photos and videos, enjoy emoji icons and cool stickers, record audio messages and even send files.
Group chat with up to 200 people!
With Viber messenger it’s easy to create and participate in group chats - with up to 200 people at once! Get all of your favorite people in group chat, create work groups and organize events easily. You can also ‘like’ any user’s voice or text message.
Why users worldwide are choosing Viber Free Messenger:
★Hassle-free, long-distance calls - Viber Messenger is your free international calling app! No need for a username or login information, simply activate by entering your phone number
★ Voice or video - Make your free phone call now! - Choose between the basic voice call or go with our live video chat if you need a face-to-face! Whether you make a phone call domestically or have international calls to make, all phone calls boast HD sound quality.
★ Secured communications - Viber messenger automatically encrypts text messages, video and voice calls, photos, videos and group chats.
★Trusted contacts - Manually authenticate contacts to make sure you are talking to who you mean to be talking to.
★ Express yourself with stickers - Bring your text message to life by sending playful emoji icons and cool stickers.
★ Your personal messenger with “damage control” - Delete a text message or voice message even after it was sent.
★ ‘Hidden Chats’ feature - Choose to hide specific chats from your messaging screen and access them later.
★ Additional features! Use Viber Messenger to play Viber games with friends, follow Public Chats, share your contacts, find out if people have seen your messages, turn on location and much more!

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.3 Out Of 5.0

Earl Jerome Velasquez
Great app for quick communication Sending messages and able to attach files make it better than SMS and the traditional email. I use it not only for personal matters but also for work. Techsupport was also quick at resolving registration issues. The recent update eliminated the "select all" button at "Edit Messages" which I use in deleting old messages. Individually ticking is trouble some. Please put it back.

Quality does matter I've been a user of Viber for 4 years and it is getting better gradually. Calling around the world and connecting people... is an awesome job! Couple of things Viber needs to improve : 1) Often I found Missed Calls, even the phone didn't ring or I didn't hear the sound. Viber should work on it. 2) Connection losts when using mobile data. Beside these two issues, it is great

Theresa Lee
Easy and convenient to use! Having family around the world, but having no landline to call them, Viber saves the day! I only have a mobile phone but my plan has prohibitively expensive international call costs. Viber gives me the freedom to call my family anywhere in the world for cheap (while I'm on wifi). Easy to use - no complaints! :)
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