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The multiply awarded best-looking mobile shooter you have ever seen.
Online multiplayer, extra long storyline, special ops, many unique weapons
New York City has become the epicenter of the world's most terrifying zombie outbreak. What's needed is a hero with the grit and skill to take on the undead and find out who or what catalyzed this cataclysmic event. Start the story with one of five unique characters that are elite members of the task force called in to do the dirty work on the streets of the Big Apple, known simply as the Wolfpack. As part of a private military organization designed to find, track, and eliminate any and all threat, you will dig deeper into the streets, subways, sewers, and back alleys of New York. In so doing, you'll uncover a plot more heinous and nefarious than anyone expected. Good thing you're packing a lot of firepower.

* Over 150 story missions --- more bang for your buck!
* Unique enemies and bosses: SHERIFF, DODGER, MINESWEEPER, BUTCHER, and more!
* More than forty --count 'em!--weapons in 5 classes, including LSAT, SAIGA-12K shotgun, and M24 sniper rifle!
*Get loads of skins for your character and guns. Be the best dressed hero in the zombie apocalypse!

* Fight against real opponent in the five distinct PvP maps
* Choose your hero for PvP with customizable skills and loadouts
* Earn “intel” by winning PvP and level up your hero with the huge skill tree
* Become the Champion in ranked leagues and duels

* Join the global fighters and save New York!
* Accept the challenge and collect multiple rewards: VIP chests, Golds, Gadgets, Money…
* Enjoy a ton of fun with various WARFARE objectives
* Become a champion and win an extra prize

SKIRMISH OPS - Asynchronous PvP
* Build an army of zombies by completing DNA “blueprints”
* Clone and improve your zombies
* Attack other players’ bases with your own zombie army
* Experiment with the protective shield for your base
* Repel all attacks to enable the automatic protective shield
* Score a Defense Streak to get more gold!
* Overall score recorded on leaderboards
* Neutral Zombies - generic missions with hard difficulty

*Unique Madfinger Games control scheme for mobile devices, tried-and-tested by millions of players
*Intuitive gameplay: our autofire shooting system let's you concentrate on the action
*Support for multiple gamepads
*Try out the new Adrenaline feature and put your aim to the test!

*High resolution soft shadows
*GPU-simulated particle effects, numbering in the tens of thousands
*Textured, reflective surfaces
*SpeedTree-powered vegetation rendering
*High polygon character models
*Post processing effects, for a a more cinematic style

NVIDIA Tegra X1 Support and Features
*3x more particles in all special effects (deaths, blood, explosions, bullet impacts)
*All particles effects improved
*All reflections improved
*More detailed real time shadows

*Player nickname option
*Constantly updated achievements

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken from Google Playstore)

4.4 Out Of 5.0

emile blackshadow Dabeastindahouse
Higher framerate? Security? The game for some odd reason is locked at 30fps and it stays the same for all graphics settings. Could you guys make it an option to have 60fps? My device can run dead trigger at 60 so why not unkilled? I also came across someone that is a plain aimbot. His name is Chibis something and he hits me through walls, shoots me while he's not even looking. Maybe even a lag switch.

Andrew Hart
Great game BUT I like this game alot but one of the main features of the game, the multiplayer pvp area never works for me it always says "cannot connect, ping is too high" i dont know that much about that sort of stuff but im under the impression ping refers to my connection speed? If so how is my speed too good to connect? Its really frustrating

Arief Rachman
I can't pay & always lose to pvp battles.. other player just too strong. I shoot 4 or 5 times with epic weapon & they just need shoot me 1 or 2 times. But I still love this game
.... ...... ....

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