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UC Browser is a mobile browser from Chinese mobile Internet company UCWeb. UCWeb is  Firstly launched in April 2004 as a J2ME-only application, it is available on platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian OS for Nokia, Java ME, and BlackBerry. With a huge user base in China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and continued growth in emerging regional markets, UC Browser reached 100 million global users in March 2014. According to StatCounter,UC browser is the second most used smartphone or "mobile" web browser worldwide, passing Safari in the October 2015.

UC Browser is compatible with a number of operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry and Symbian. Android represents the largest user-base for the browser, with 300 million of its 500 million total on Google's mobile OS. There are three versions of UC Browser available on Google Play, including UC Browser Mini for Android, UC Browser for Android, and UC Browser HD for Android.

UC browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology. UC Browser's servers act as a proxy which compresses the data of web pages before sending it to users. This process helps load web content faster. The browser can adapt to same network environments and support multi-file format downloading. In addition, UC Browser has HTML5 web app and cloud syncing features.

Main Features you might like:

★Fast and stable navigation

With UC Browser does not have this history of "hang". Navigation a good flowing.
★Fast mode
UC Browser compresses data, speeds up navigation and saves precious MBs of your internet package.
With helps from our users, UC Browser adBlock will block out most annoying Ads on Main sites.
★Facebook mode
This unique feature speeds up Facebook. No matter the speed of your internet, UC Browser finds a way to increase the speed.
★Smart Downloading
Our servers speed up and stabilize downloads. In addition, if any dropped connections UC Browser continues downloading from the breakpoint.
★Video for all tastes
UC Browser will display any movie and TV series! The menu has categories with videos for all tastes: the humor, the clips, girls, anime, trailers and even war films.
★Control Videos with Gestures
Volume, brightness, progress, etc. can all be controlled by gestures in UC Browser.
★Night Mode
Switch to night mode to read more comfortably at night.

► Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013 – Market Leadership in Mobile Browser Market (APAC)
► Best Android Browser Award 2012 – About.com
► Best Mobile Browser Award 2011 – About.com

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.5 Out Of 5.0

Sachidananda Mangangcha
Bad update UC has always been my one amd only browser since I started using internet. It "was" the best. Now I am really annoyed with the updates. Lots of problems now. 1. The news section is not working. Whenever I try to refresh it, it says "no internet connection, please try again later". But my phone is connected to the internet. And I cannot open any news article that have been there before the update. 2. The tools are no longer functionable. There is literally no "tools"now. The tools button doesn't work.

Shivananda Sarvi
4 star browser. Another star after sorting my issue Sir, in setting you have option for smart lock charge screen, i keep it on always, but it doesn't work always,when the phone is on charge. I have liked so much that feature. I need it always on. Please Do not change that lock screen theme, it's very simple and beautiful. Make it very stable.

Danar Pramudityo
st browser At the end of 2015 uc was the best web browser out there. And now its the worst web browser.. What happen to all the glory ? Now you push ads for uc news thats not important and not neutral, are the devs starting a new political point of view ? The adblock is now useless, it cant block push ads, it doesnt block vibrating new tab from malicious web, and etc. Uninstalling

Dear friend, we are sorry for the problem.The ads/popups may come from the site push, we have forwarded to our adblocking department to optimize. Pls send us full site link you want to open and tell us which link/contents you clicked, then ads will pop up.Pls contact us at: http://goo.gl/uv8bBL.Thanks for using the UC browser.

Farhan Maxim
Remove the suggestion and "trendy content" gimmick It's annoying while browsing when it just randomly pops up every 30 seconds. In my opinion it's completely useless. At least give an option to turn it off for people who don't want it.
..... .... ..... .....

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