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Torque Burnout is an unashamedly over the top 'driving' game which combines the best parts of every racing game!
Grip the wheel, put your foot to the floor and drive like a maniac, completing donuts and drifts like a champion. Evolve your ride and push it to its limits, rally the crowd into a frenzy and then push it some more to reign supreme as the BURNOUT KING!

- Realistic burnout simulation complete with gorgeous smoke, bursting tires and flaming engines!
- A wide variety of cars each with unique handling and customization.
- Thundering engine sounds that will send chills down your spine.

Coming Soon:
- More cars.
- More challenges.
- Tournament mode.

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.2 Out Of 5.0

Nicholas Garcia
Good game Wish you can set up obstacles how ever you wanted or their was tracks to drift also my controllers tweak out i have to choose between gas pedal or steering because i cannot press both at the same time

Jaidyn Marsh
Best burnout game ever Hey guys keep up the good work. I love the graphics and hiw realistic it looks. Could u also add in mutiny and struglin for the next real life burnout cars. Thanks

Matthew Bog
This would be an awesome games if it didn't lag so much. Didn't mind it taking forever to install but it was not worth it cause of the awful lag.

League of Monkey
Hi :) In the Settings / Quality Menu you can lower the quality to improve frame rate. Torque Burnout is quite an intensive game for some phones to run. Please stay tuned for updates, as we will continue to improve and increase performance to hopefully allow you to play with higher settings. Thank you for your patience. :)

Best game ever Could you add body kits as an upgrade and maybe some burn out pads such as WSID. Love the game and keep up the good work.

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