Ninja Adventure Time:Dark Path FULL APK Games Free Download


Destroy the Leader of the Darkness and Evil in this lost city! You are the hero with the justice sword and special forces, and your mission is simple : kill the boss!
- Full HD Graphics
- Amazing sound effects
- Virtual Joystick
- Collect Coins to buy the game assets
- Full Free, You will not pay a penny inside the game
- New Levels are coming very soon!

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

3.9 Out Of 5.0

Chad Duberry
Ninja Advertising Time: Dark Ads I literally opened the game for the first time, and before I could even read the menus, BOOM! Full screen ad. So I pressed play and it begins to load...less than 9% loaded, boom! Another full screen ad. No tutorials, no apperent story. Just run around and discover ads. Have fun in this 76mb Advertising adventure.

Bryan Myrick
Advert spam First of all there was no intro, story, or tutorial. An ad covered the entire top of the screen and popup ads started while I had the app open at the main menu AND randomly while I ran aimlessly through generic dungeons. The monsters never hit me until a boss three hit me. You can't make money if you scare off ftp users within the first 10 minutes.

frank birtles
What on Earth I thought this was supposed to be a ninja, ninjas jump and hide the shadows, why does he walk he's supposed to be quick and stealthy what's happened to an introduction, a starting point maybe, a choice of weapons would of been an improvement. Right I have given it one star because in a completely honest opinion this guy is missing every concept and idea of a ninja, there is a lag between you issuing the command and your character acting on that command, I'm sorry but that's the truth to it

Daniel Koenen
Wat even Is laggy, ads pop up everywhere I had two before I could move, I had three skills that instantly killed everything and had no idea what to do and no direction telling we what to do. Combat was likewise pathetic and barely worked or had any finesse. I don't recommend this oversized game to anyone

Big Pokie
Has.......... Potential It is a great idea. Seems like the developers had an idea then just got over worked, or strung out, home life effecting them. Who knows. The ads are horrendous. Pop up even during game play. I have to go with the fact theyre heavy drug users to put so many ads in a single un finished game. Finish programming the good idea and the money will come. Just a waste right now. Come one guys wheres your drive to live and be great. SMH

James Treadway
Ridiculous There's several things wrong with this game, for starters no one wants to see an ad of another sitting there on the screen when they are trying to play, it's distracting. Two the attack button is way to slow it doesn't actually attack when you hit it. Three you're moving way to slow, ninjas are quick and silent, this guy is slow and way to loud. I'm Uninstalling this app

Genjimaru X
Slug Adventure: The Unresponsive time! WTF! Congrats! For the first time a strolling ninja! THIS GAME SUUUCKS! It looks nice, But you forgot to add the FUUUN! the ninja walks, The controls don't respond, and by now I guess I should stop expecting any story from an android game! F- That's your grade "DEAL WITH IT!!!" Now who the hell gave this game 5 stars!?
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