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Kappboom® Cool Wallpapers HD offers the Best Wallpapers with over 200,000 beautiful and cool wallpapers at your fingertips! These wallpapers are carefully curated and are waiting eagerly to be picked as your wallpaper. Download NOW for FREE!
Our app is memory-optimized, smooth and fast. Here at Kappboom we work hard day and night to bring you the Best Wallpapers. Our caring and dedicated staff makes sure that our content is the best. Our developers work around the clock to constantly improve our applications, and to stay the best!

Awesome Features in Kappboom® Cool Wallpapers HD:
• NEW: Android Wear now supported! Send any wallpaper to your watch by tapping on the watch icon in fullscreen mode. You now have a wallpaper watch!
• Categories filtering such as Anime, Cars, Games, Movies, Music and many more.
• Search by Wallpaper Color and Tags.
• Set Wallpaper within the app.
• Share cool images via Facebook, Twitter, Email and other social networks.
• Intuitive and Fast navigation through a beautiful gallery of cool wallpapers.
• Live Wallpapers.
• Quickly add favorites to your list so that you can review wallpaper-worthy candidates later.
• The gallery wallpapers can be ordered by popularity or recent additions.

New wallpapers are added by the minute to always keep you entertained and to fill your photos library with the coolest wallpapers!

RATING & USER REVIEWS (Taken From Google PlayStore)

4.8 Out Of 5.0

Janet Walker
I don't understand!?,you keep fixing it but it ,but it still crashes. Now it's worse they ever. You have to many commercials cutting through the program. I'm going to have to find another wallpaper app, this one has to many commercials. Cool wallpapers by kappboom ? Is easy to use. The pictures are so clear and full of vibrant colors, it makes my phone look great. All my friends wonder where I get my wallpapers from, I say kappboom? .

Just Ads All my devices except this one have this app I hate the location section for new ads in the middle a real stupid idea. One wrong move and then what no I just added on this device now I am removing in less than five mins. Wallpapers are excellent it is the ads new location strongly deterred me from giving the rest of four stars.

Andria K
Love This App!!! I was tired of having to download a launcher just to be able to customize my phone. This app lets you download any wallpaper heart desires to your phone. Double yay! It is a must have!!! Stupid Ads are annoying but a small price for a great FREE app

Joe Sias
Tons of high quality wallpapers from various sources I rarely change my wallpapers, but anytime I get the need to do so, this app is the one I can rely on. It's changed a lotover the years, but the quality remains the same if not better. I always find at least a few papes I love before I close the app, and I have very specific tastes. One thing to note, though, is that it does have some annoying popup ads here and there.
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